About the Show

Masters of Sex

Based on the lives of pioneering sex experts Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, this new series sheds light on what happens behind closed doors. By taking the guilt out of the pleasure equation, we're taken on a voyeuristic journey, as the eternal mysteries of desire and intimacy are unlocked. This smart, provocative new drama chronicles the relationship of the couple that risked everything and gave birth to the sexual revolution while struggling with their own clash of success, betrayal and jealousies.


Michael Sheen as "Dr. William Masters" (Kingdom of Heaven, Midnight in Paris, Underworld)
Lizzy Caplan as "Virginia Johnson" (Cloverfield, The Interview, Mean Girls)
Caitlin Fitzgerald as "Libby Masters" (It’s Complicated, Gossip Girl)
Nicholas D'Agosto as "Dr. Ethan Haas" (Heroes, The Office, Fired Up)
Teddy Sears as "Dr. Austin Langham" (666 Park Avenue, American Horror Story, The Defenders)

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