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For untold generations, the Farrell, Shay and McGintuk families of Kentucky’s Shay Mountain have existed as a society unto themselves, living by the same laws and rituals as their pagan fathers. But these fiercely insular clans are about to face the gravest threats they have ever known, not only from the outside world but from within their own ranks. Asa Farrell, a black sheep who dared leave the mountain in a vain attempt at a normal life, must now try to preserve the volatile community he tried so hard to escape.


Joe Anderson as "Asa Farrell" (Across the Universe, The Grey, Becoming Jane)
David Morse as "Big Foster" (The Green Mile, Contact, The Hurt Locker)
Ryan Hurst as "Lil Foster" (Sons of Anarchy, Remember the Titans, King & Maxwell)
Thomas M. Wright as "Sheriff Wade Houghton" (Top of the Lake, The Bridge)
Gillian Alexy as "G'Winveer Farrell" (Damages, The Americans, McLeod's Daughters, Parallax)
Kyle Gallner as "Hasil Farrell" (American Sniper, CSI: NY, A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Christina Jackson as "Sally-Ann" (Boardwalk Empire)

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