About the Show

MIllion Pound Menu

Million Pound Menu gives the world’s brightest new food talent their own pop-up restaurant and serves up one massive opportunity. For three days they’re given the chance to open their very own place – and the pressure will be on to prove they can run a restaurant and deliver perfection, as they serve up the most important meal of their lives – when the investors come to dinner. Each episode, two different sets of budding restaurateurs demonstrate their cooking, business acumen, and front of house abilities to potential investors. From vegan Thai to modern British, each hopeful will have to work hard to make their vision a reality. On the final day of service, they will find out if their food and business plans have been strong enough to secure a life-altering sum of money. When the investors finally put down their knives and forks will they put their money on the table or will their hands stay firmly in their pockets. Giving the next generation of restaurateurs an opportunity like no other, Million Pound Menu is the most exciting, aspirational business ride there is. 

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