About the Show

The Night Shift

An ensemble medical show about a group of ex-Army doctors who work the night shift at a hospital and do whatever it takes to help their patients. Using battlefield tested medical skills, doctors clash with hospital bureaucrats who are more worried about the bottom line than the lives of their patients.


Eoin Macken as "Dr. TC Callahan" (Merlin, The Tudors)
Freddy Rodriguez as "Michael Ragosa" (Grindhouse, Six Feet Under)
Jill Flint as "Dr. Jordan Alexander" (The Amazing Spider-Man, Royal Pains)
Ken Leung as "Dr. Topher Zia" (Lost, Rush Hour)
Brendan Fehr as "Dr. Drew Alister" (Nikita)
Robert Bailey, Jr. as "Dr. Paul Cummings" (Coraline)
Jeananne Goossen "Dr. Krista Bell-Hart" (The Vow)
JR Lemon as "Kenny" (Shadow Love)

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